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In this decade and age, technology is the wave. Technology is the latest and greatest in virtually every avenue to every profession. One area that technology has made its advancements in is brand’s digital marketing. Brand’s digital marketing in 2017 isn’t just about buying advertisements such as “purchase instagram likes, followers, views etc”, ads showing up on Facebook or Instagram or it being seen by people that are not interested. It’s about more than that. There are a few things that you need to consider to make your marketing more effective. One of the things to consider is your audience. Your audience are the people whom you want to buy your service/product. It is the people who will benefit from your product or service and the people who will buy your product/service are the most important. This group needs to be specific. You can choose the audience by regions/state, such as California, North Carolina, Colorado and so on.

In brand’s digital marketing, you have the ability to be omnipresent. There was a time when you had to go door to door to sell a product or service. This is the beauty of brand’s digital marketing. It allows you to be present without actually being physically present. The idea of being everywhere to a group of people is very appealing to many.

Note there is a difference between promoting and spamming your product or service. Be sure to avoid becoming spam in people’s minds. The better you are at marketing towards your target audience about your product or service, the less likely your product/service will be perceived as spam. Another key to not being labeled as spam is to always be consistent and make your product/service more visible to current and perspective customers. For example, if you promote your service/product by posting on Instagram or Twitter once, your target audience might lose interest quickly. Since we live in a noisy world where the loudest, more consistent, and most entertaining people are the ones that grab their audience attention, brand’s digital marketing is very competitive and needs to be strategic. Imagine social media as a massive noisy room filled with two kinds of people, marketers and customers. There is only one goal and that is to draw/grab the attention of the audience to your product/brand over all your competitors in that room.

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You must win over future customers and to do that you must be the loudest, most persistent and most entertaining and or interesting person in the room. There might be a customer who may not be so interested in your product the first time when you try to get their attention, but the more you keep coming back in their face trying to tell them about your product or service and trying to entertain them with a variety of substance relating to your product. It’s more likely that you’ll draw in customers using this thinking and tactics in mind. When you’re trying to get your audience’s attention. Having limited post or information about your product/service will probably cause your audience to tell themselves to keep scrolling because this is spam. Limited post plus limited information equals spam (in the eyes of your audience). Make your product/service be “in their face”. You have heard it before and I have stated as well, consistency is the key, or one of the keys, to successful marketing. If you are going to post every Wednesday, be sure to post every Wednesday. Posting and keeping your audience up-to-date on your growing product or service is a slow process but it’s effective when growing dedicated customers.

Also, another method of brand’s digital marketing is having people promote and market your product(s) for you. This marketing strategy is important, because it can prove to customers that your service(s) or product(s) is legit like for me personally I would come across a Instagram page that has a good amount of followers and post nice clothing and jewelry, but don’t have lots of comments or people tagging them thanking the page for the products they bought. This is one of the things that turns many people off because its leading the audience to believe the page is a scam since there’s little to no connectivity with actual people other than the numbers on the page which could be bought followers. A good way to do this is contacting celebrities, niche blogs, maybe even e-mail online magazines to get your product/brand out and grab people’s attention. When you see people actually buying and having interest in your product(s) that’s when you should push your marketing harder to get your sales up even higher, because now you are building up attention and customers to sell to.

Another method that is very helpful is collaboration. Collaboration is working with someone else’s product/service to create a unique product. This method is used frequently especially in the fashion world with top brand names like Vans, Gucci, Tom Ford, Nike, etc. The reason collaboration is impactful in sales is because you’re attracting someone else’s audience and yours which can change your brand image depending on who you’re collaborating with and the product you and your partner’s have decided to create. To be successful in your collaboration be careful when choosing your partner’s. Choose your partners based on their brand image, skills, experience, and motivation. Remember your brand image is going to be impacted by your partner’s audience as well as your own audience and your partner’s work on this project too. Along with choosing your partner wisely there are other important components to keep in mind. When choosing a partner always establish responsibilities, roles and guidelines. Establishing these things better develops both you and your partners’ business savvy expertise.

As technology forever evolves and changes so will people. Especially, in brand’s digital marketing where so many components and strategies are involved from being persistent to using multiple social media platforms to even bringing variety in content and using collaboration to build your brand. Just like a person there are various elements to make humans whole, same goes for brand’s digital marketing with different strategies and methods. They make up to a strong brand image for your product/service just like a living human being. This is the beauty of Brand’s digital marketing.

Post Author: Tonya Howard

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