How to spread awareness regarding special children on social media

Social media gave individuals a platform to spread change, fight for an instantaneous action and to seek alertness ad awareness. If one is passionate or desirous about some matter, social media is indeed the best source for promoting awareness. More Reads Here Using Social Media for Awareness Youth nowadays is engaged in constructing and sharing […]

Social Media

Does Obama likes Posting of Selfies on Social Media?

Obama was a president of the United States before electing Donald Trump. He was a good leader. He took various steps for the betterment of people. He worked a lot against racial discrimination. He worked as 44th president of America from 2009 to 2017. He is the first African of America who served as a […]

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Differences between Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest are videos and photos sharing social networking sites. In these sites, users upload their photos and videos for other people to see. The basic purpose of both networking sites is same, but they are not similar deeply in their content. They facilitate people to communicate with each other through social postings and […]