Differences between Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest are videos and photos sharing social networking sites. In these sites, users upload their photos and videos for other people to see. The basic purpose of both networking sites is same, but they are not similar deeply in their content. They facilitate people to communicate with each other through social postings and sharing of content. Users like content in which they take an interest. Moreover, business people use these social networking sites for the purpose of marketing products and services. Although their main objectives and functions are same, they are different in various aspects. Here we discuss these aspects which are as follows:

Primary users

The primary audience of both sites is different as compared to one another. They target different audience worldwide. Instagram is a social network which has more audience for women and teens who are under 30. They both use it for sharing their photos and posting live on different occasions. On the other hand, the primary audience of Pinterest include crafters, foodies, and women. It is because of the reason that Pinterest focuses on providing ideas to users related to different sections of life such as kitchen and travel ideas. Crafters and foodies use it for providing ideas related to their profession to users which are important for their daily life. People use it for marketing and running business.

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 Sharing content

Pinterest and Instagram differ in their sharing content. Instagram is a network which facilitates users to share their personal photos and videos. They use it for sharing their activities and events to other people to see. Many celebrities share their photos from behind the scene to attract their followers. They want to keep their followers up to date. On the other hand, Pinterest focuses on sharing content which users download from the internet. It leans towards uploading photos which you have found on the internet.

Devices of being accessed

The major difference between Pinterest and Instagram is seen through how services are being availed. It differs in devices through which it is accessed. Pinterest is accessed through smartphone or computer having internet access. On the other hand, Instagram is accessed through smartphones and tablets. It also requires internet connectivity to avail services.


Instagram provides services through various features such as photo editing by applying filters. You can upload photos on Instagram after editing them on Instagram. On the other Pinterest does not provide such feature. You must upload photos of interest after editing in computer based photo editing software. You can also buy real instagram followers for more engagement on pictures while pinterest gives you an option to buy repins from different service providers.

Connectivity to other networks

Instagram is a network which facilitates to link account of Facebook to Instagram account. On the other hand, Pinterest does not provide any such connectivity feature for users.

Joining social media

Both sites differ in how users must join. Instagram facilitates users to join anytime by signing up. On the other hand, you must be invited by any member of Pinterest to join it.

Best for

Instagram is the best for sharing authentic content in the form of images, showcasing behind the scene and creating brand awareness. On the other hand, Pinterest is the best for sharing visual content for products, sales and website traffic.

Primarily used by

Instagram is primarily used by B2C corporations and nonprofit organizations. On the other hand, Pinterest is used primarily by B2C chain of business.

So, these are primary differences between Pinterest and Instagram.

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