Does Obama likes Posting of Selfies on Social Media?

Obama was a president of the United States before electing Donald Trump. He was a good leader. He took various steps for the betterment of people. He worked a lot against racial discrimination. He worked as 44th president of America from 2009 to 2017. He is the first African of America who served as a president in this state. Before that, he was a member of U.S Senate. He was presenting Illinois in this Senate. He was against posting selfies on social media. He did not like capturing selfies of himself as well.

Barack Obama on social media

He used social media in his political campaigns like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and YouTube. He had more followers on social media than his opponent John McCain. He got millions of followers and became their favorite personality. He had more followers and friends on Facebook and Myspace. He had his official website This website was run by one of three co-founders of Facebook namely Chris Hughes. Members of the site can post photos, create blogs and form groups to communicate with the public. Each member is required to publish some information related to biography. Millions of articles, photos, and phone calls were created through internet virtual phone system of the website.

Barack Obama on Facebook

Obama on Facebook

During 2007, members of site created connection between Obama official website and Facebook account. In this way, a user may post activities to share from one network to another. Obama started his presidential campaign and spent $643000 to promote his Facebook account. During June 2008, followers of Barrack Obama reached to more than one million people. In addition to this Facebook account, members of the site created various other accounts such as African American for Obama, women for Obama, and Veterans for Obama.

Barack Obama on Twitter

An account on Twitter was created to enhance followers of Obama. Twitter account of Obama is an official account on social networking sites which was used for his election efforts. He also created white house official account on Twitter. This account was created to promote presidential activities of Barack Obama. At the end of 2016, followers of Barack Obama reached to 79010191 people. Moreover, Obama posted 15432 tweets. He was the third person on social media who got more than one million followers on Twitter. His account was among ten top accounts having both high level of followers and friends. His second account of the white house also gained popularity, and it was among top most accounts with more than three million followers.

Barack Obama view about social media and photos

He was a first African-American president of America. He viewed social media positively. He was not strictly against of taking photos and posting on social media networks. But he personally dislikes taking selfies and posting on the internet. He revealed his feelings about self-portrait pictures when he had been filmed by using selfie stick last year with his followers. Because of his strong social media presence, many people also believe that he buy Instagram followers and Facebook followers from different sources such as, etc. He revealed his negative feeling about taking self-portrait pictures. He dislike such pictures and does not like to post on social media.

So, he was against posting of selfies on social media.


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